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Autovisie 6/1986-


Driving with Luchjenbroers ~ BMW T

Tough Touring

The BMW Touring was a fault.

It was its time too far ahead. But isn’t it time for a follower?

A Dutch company thinks it is and shows how.

About fifteen years ago, BMW introduced a remarkable bodywork version from the in that time amazingly popular 02-series. The speciality from this so-called ‘Touring’ was the oblique rear of the car with surprisingly large rear door, in stead of the usual separate trunk.

Looking at the cars from the eighties, it is hardly imaginable that this was such a stir. In that time, Renault was practically the only manufacturer which was being a pioneer with its R4 and R16; clearly precursors from nowadays hatchbacks. Almost like having a vision on the current GTi-rage, BMW must have seen possibility’s to equip its cars with a sporty tint. Looking at the style from that time this was not being done by applying kick ass spoilers and side-skirts. In stead of that, the Touring was equipped with the common engines from the 02-series from the 1600 till the two-litre injection. Not only as a hot hatchback the Touring 2000 Tii was its time far ahead, separate folding of the backseat was unique in that time, although it took some time for the people to get used to. The result was that the Touring remained a wallflower in the BMW series and even silently disappeared after several years.

Since that time, the white-blue brand was unwilling to burn its hands on any model with an odd number of doors.


The predecessor from the ‘hot hatchbacks’: The BMW Touring 2000 Tii from 1973.

Note the partial folding back seats.


A pity, according to the brothers Henk and Henny Luchjenbroers from Emmen, in daily life owner of a car repair station. Deep inside their specialists hart they where very surprised that not even in Germany no bodyconversion company would take on a construction from a BMW with more practical opportunities. No panics: in that case the initiators would come from Dutch soil.

At first the attention went to construct a combo on a base of the BMW 5-series, such like the Mercedes T (for Tourism and Transportation). But after a radical meeting with an authentic BMW Touring… the gentlemen Luchjenbroers changed their minds. On the end of 1982 the saw went into one of the first, brand new models of the new BMW 3-series. The Luchjenbroers brothers didn`t wanted to call the result all ready ‘Touring’ out loud, but it is sufficient to gave it the letter ‘T’ (although a bit confusing because of Mercedes’ earlier same product name). Nevertheless is the Luchjenbroers BMW worthy to its too young died forefather.


This BMW “T” (we maintain to call it “T”) thanks its ‘dignity’ to the fact that it’s creators designed the exterior in the style of the current Baiern 3-series. A remarkable detail is the small strip tin after the second side window. At the “T” this is simply moved thirty centimetre to the back, but it maintains its stylish functioning completely. The roof is from the beginning at the front pillars made of a new plate of sheet metal; the extra part of the roof is not just being pasted to the already existing part. The new lengthened side windows are specially made for the Luchjenbroers Brothers. On the inside of the car the wheel casings are reinforced, to apply more torsional stiffness. A crucial addition, because the original crossbeam underneath the rear window has been removed. In the end, a trunk with a crossbeam would look unpunctual now would it?

And now the last essential part of the BMW “T”, the tailgate. During our visit in Emmen (NL) both Henk and Henny where not too willing telling us too much about it. When looking closely to detail pictures the reason becomes clear (don’t get distracted by the spoiler): in benefit of the BMW “T” a VW Golf was found ‘willing’ to supply its tailgate.

Tough ride

By the way, this loaner game is by our judgement nothing to be ashamed of. The lower side of the tailgate fits perfectly to the more round-shaped rear of the BMW, while the righteous fitted rear pillars give a nice overflow to both sides. The complete overview displays a nice finishing off. This impression is being amplified after a tough ride in the BMW “T”, equipped with the 320i engine. None of the changes made to the body work seems to give negative influences to the driving performances; no ‘twisting’ and no strange or indefinable sounds. The view around is amazing. Only disadvantage is that the large glass plates are making the interior a greenhouse like. Too bad, but that is the price you pay for seeing and being seen, because the “T” is an absolute eye-catcher. Other additions to mention are of course the BBS widening set and the huge wheels with Goodrich Comp T/A tires. Overall amazingly extra’s, which makes this BMW a Tough Touring.


The BMW “T” we drove was number 001, the exemplar in preparation on the pictures is number 003. No mass production so far at the Luchjenbroers firm, although five right-steering BMW will arrive from England within short notice. These will be repatriated as “T” model. Further on a person in Sydney is interested to built the “T” under license, but this might be a bit too far from the home of the Luchjenbroers brothers.

As for now the brothers have more than enough work on their car repair station and will the “T” remain more like a hobby. It is clear that this is not to be labelled amateur like. Moreover maintains BMW Netherlands the guarantee over a converted “T” and is the model being fully accepted by the Dutch Transportation Department (IVW).

To convert a BMW 3-serie with any engine a customer I requested to pay 15000 guilders (about 7000 euro’s nowadays, without inflation) to the Luchjenbroers brothers (05910-25974). An amount of money which will melt as ice in the sun during your test drive over the nearby autobahnen (German highways without speedlimitation). Because an average Mercedes or Porsche driver needs to improve its driving skills to get the same appearance as the BMW “T”.

Article by Jan-Willem Vester


- The BMW “T” tailgate is being held up by a gas-pressurised dampener. The height is no more than a ‘regular’ BMW 3.


- The BMW “T”, ready in rough shape. A remarkable style element is the strip of tin after the second side window.


- A view of the reinforcement of the wheel casings. In the space leftover car tools can be stored later on.


- However the backseat can be folded, this doesn’t supply a nice flat trunk. For finishing off several parts original BMW covers are being used.


- The great finishing off expresses itself in the stability in the corners.

Page #3:

The advertisement as it was in the April 2000 magazine number from Auto motor Klassiek (Auto motor Classic). The question that raised during the reading of this advertisement is: ‘Where are the other five Luchjenbroers ‘tourings’ nowadays’.

Rare BMW 3 Series, only 6 made of.

Year of manufacturing 1985, price f 6000,- (Guilders)

Asking around tells that a total of 5 or 6 have been manufactured. One for an Englishman (325i?) and the remaining 4/5 have been maintained in Holland. Another 3 door touring

is owned by the Luchjenbroers brothers.

Photographed at the BMW meeting in Lelystad in the year 2000. Inside the car there is a plate which says “Luchjenbroers nummer 003 (Luchjenbroers number 003)”, probably the third they have made. The current owner was able to tell that the car was manufactured by instructions of BMW Den Haag (The Hague), the Netherlands.

How he got to that information is not known and is also not traceable. However, the lack of traceability doesn’t make this car less special.

Marc, thank you for the photograph, advertisement and information folder.

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üleval kirjas, et 6 kokku üldse tehtud.... see siis peaks olema kõige haruldasem E30, järgnema peaks sellele 2,7l Alpina X, neid tehti 27

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Jah, on kupee baasil, hakkasin seda ka Eesti keelde ümber tõlkima aga pole jõudnud sellega kuigi kaugele.

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üleval kirjas, et 6 kokku üldse tehtud.... see siis peaks olema kõige haruldasem E30, järgnema peaks sellele 2,7l Alpina X, neid tehti 27

E30 333i oli kah suht haruldane asi mida tehti ainult mõned ja need kah lõuna aafrika turule vms ..

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üleval kirjas, et 6 kokku üldse tehtud.... see siis peaks olema kõige haruldasem E30, järgnema peaks sellele 2,7l Alpina X, neid tehti 27

Model Power (kW) Coupe and saloon Convertible Euro model 143.5 kW (195 PS; 192 hp) / 147 kW (200 PS; 197 hp) 8,661   US model 143.5 kW (195 PS; 192 hp) 4,996   Evo 1 147 kW (200 PS; 197 hp) 505   Europa late model 158 kW (215 PS; 212 hp) 1,519   Evo 2 162 kW (220 PS; 217 hp) 500   Convertible 143.5 kW (195 PS; 192 hp) / 158 kW (215 PS; 212 hp)   786 Sport Evolution 175 kW (238 PS; 235 hp) 600   Sport Evolution Convertible 175 kW (238 PS; 235 hp)   1 Europameister

(all signed by Roberto Ravaglia) 143.5 kW (195 PS; 192 hp) 148   Cecotto

  • 25 as special edition Ravaglia
  • 50 as Cecotto Switzerland (throttled to 155 kW)
158 kW (215 PS; 212 hp) 505   Total = 16202 cars


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Seeriatootmise arvude järgi on tõepoolest m3 üks haruldasemaid . Kuid kui arvesse võtta nüüd keretüüpe, modifikatsioone  ,lisavarustust ,värvi jne, siis saame ikka väga palju haruldasi autosi iga nurga pealt e30 maailmas, mida toodetud vaid 1, sest täpselt samasugust ju rohkem pole :D

Niimoodi haruldusi liigitades on siis näiteks automaatkastiga turbodiisel touring palju haruldasem,kui tavaline m3 .

Ilmselt paljud imestavad selle üle, aga peale m3 on e30 maailmas seeriatootmisautode teine (kolmas)koht 324TD, mida toodeti palju vähem, kui 325IX`i näiteks ,kuigi vanast ajast juba räägitakse 325IX`ist kui haruldasest ja vähelevinud/toodetud autost.

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See oli kohe arusaadav, aga sellise nurga alt ei saa haruldusi liigitada, nagu postituses kirjutasin.


 ....Kuid kui arvesse võtta nüüd keretüüpe,modifikatsioone , lisavarustust ,värvi jne, siis saame ikka väga palju haruldasi autosi iga nurga pealt e30 maailmas, mida toodetud vaid 1, sest täpselt samasugust ju rohkem pole :D.......


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