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2016 E30-meet @ Muurame, Finland, more info at post #1


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Hello everyone

There will be the 7th annual E30 meet at Muurame, Finland. This year, 2015, there were 2 E30s from Estonia. I'm hoping to see more 2016. The date is set from friday 20. to sunday 22.5. 2016. All the action takes place on saturday when we go for a scenic drive through the regions twisty roads, between lakes after lakes.


The gathering place for the meet drive is Punasillantie 2, Muurame. On Saturday, note.  Driving starts at 15:00 on saturday, I've recommended to people that they arrive 1-1,5hrs before. Leaves time for tyre kicking plus there's a lunch restaurant on the spot if anyone's hungry.

We always give out the route with turn directions and street names, with km's from the starting point. So if one pushes the trip meter to zero at starting point and follows the instruction you won

't get lost.

The driving normally ends on top of Riihivuori where we've had a crank throwing contest, barbeque and repetition of the friday nights party. Sunday.. well that's just for going home :)

For those who arrive on friday we've held an ever popular E30-trivia contest. Plus, I'm not making any promises but this year we had karaoke equipment there too.

People have rented cabins/cottages for the weekend from Riihivuori, it's a skiing centre with a nice real view to adjacent lakes and country side. They have cabins on pretty much every level of price and luxury.




The meet is open to everyone interested in E30s. It doesn't matter whether your E30 is worth 300 or 30 000€, bring it there anyway.

I probably forgot a lot of things, I'll update as it comes to mind. Any comments, questions, fire away!


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9.1.2016 at 23:48, Crawity ütles:

Kas keegi plaanib minna? Kui mu kupee tooaeg elus ja koos on siis võiks isegi minna vaatama. Seltskonnaga oleks huvitavam.


On kindlasti plaanis ka see aasta minna, eelmine aasta oli päris lahe ;)


Üldiselt, keda asi huvitab võiks siia teada anda aja jooksul saaks kevade poole minekut  sättida/mõelda koos. Ametlik kokkutulek toimub muidu laupäeval, aga pidu hakkab juba reede õhtul pihta ühiselt suures majas, seega loodan, et saan ka sel aastal reedel vabaks ja kohe hommikul sõitma hakata.

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By using google translator I'm somewhat keeping up with the discussion in this thread  :D
It'll be a weekend trip you won't regret I think. Anyone interested in that T-shirt? Sizes available S-XL plus a ladyfit. Not sure about the price but I'm betting ~20€ or less a piece.


See you all there, Jarno.

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Info about the meet T-shirts! They will be handed out at the meet to everyone who has pre-ordered. They are 20€ a piece, sizes available (men) S-5XL, and ladyfit S-XXL.

Picture front: %7Boption%7D12273620_10153760649045859_7225409244772


Picture back


Somebody tell me do those pic links work, can you see the pictures?




Order must be placed before 21.3., payment 1.4.2016. I'll come up with more ordering/payment details at some point.


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