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M: Korralik suure ekraaniga makk 7"(MP4/DVD/VCD/GPS/MP3) jne


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Oleks Pakkuda siis korralik suure ekraaniga makk. Makil võimalusi on palju, MP4, MP3, GPS, BLUTUUTH, DVD, CD,USB, FM, AM, VCD, TV
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Basic Function:

16:9 high definition 7" touch TFT LCD screen,480*240. 
Screen's angle adjustable in dash installation with double din size. 
Unique designed circuitry of standby function ensure the more durability of battery 
Built-in Bluetooth/USB,SD interface/DVD/FM/AM/TV/AV/Microphone/IPOD/RDS function.

External CDC function. 
Detecting radar,rearview mirror available 
Multi-function IR remote control and instruction manual included. 
Compatibility with DVD,VCD,CD, MP4,MP3,CD-R\RW etc. 
Stable electronic-anti-shock and mechanical-anti-shock. 
Automatic identification of PAL or NTSC or SCAN systems;All the operation available with remote controller and OSD displayed. 
Real time clock,1 channel AV output,very easy easy to connect with external AV device and compose a perfect car AV entertainment system. 
4 x 60W High power output.AUX input. 
4 channels TV antenna input :receive good and stable TV program in the car. 
Hand break detecting function,which swithces off the TFT display automatically to ensure the safety during driving. 
Auto swithch to the backing car display status when backing a car,if external camera is available,the car rear status can be seen on the screen in real time to ensure the safety. 
Auto detect the small light switch function:if the small light is on,the light of keys will be on and the TFT screen will switch to night mode automatically. 
Motorized control slide down panel,The product can be widely applied to all kninds of cars.

Hinda küsiks 150euri ja asub Tallinn/loo
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